Presint 11


El Bambino Preschool - Presint 11

Practice and Perform
Authentic Montessori Methodology

The Montessori methodology works well alongside the El Bambino’s curriculum. This is because El Bambino uses Permata and KSPK as its guidance to monitor and classify the children with their natural ability and developments. El Bambino uses Montessori as it’s technics of methods to help the children be more skilled, independent and responsible towards their growth. The combination focuses on the individual needs of the child, good relationships between teacher and learner, and a positive learning environment.


Arrival (Temperature & Body Checks)

Circle Time (Morning exercises; Yoga, Gymnastics, Dancing, Etc)
Montessori Session (Practical Life, Sensorial Science, Mathematics, Language & Cultural Studies)

Brunch Time

Montessori Session Continuation

Play and Pick up (Final Pick up at 13:30)
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